Brand story

Brand story

In 2003, two founders of Kangrinpoche®and MontKailash® went to Tibet to take photos. In the harsh natural environment, the equipments they were using could not fulfill the high quality image requirement, which let them decide to produce equipments fit for photographers.

In April 2004, KangRinpoche NB-1 monoball and quick-release plates were announced. Their precision manufacturing and high quality caused a sensation in domestic photography community.

In 2005, KangRinpoche took the lead in launching professional quick-release plates, which can significantly improve the stability between monoball and camera.

In 2013, KangRinpoche launched MontKailash quick-release plates , which has two series design to adapt to different uses.

In 2018, we have launched more than 200 models products named by “KangRinpoche” and “MontKailash”.

KangRinpoche – Traditional monoballs, which have classic knob lock system and quickset flip lock system, including 9 models.

Mont Kailash – professional quick-release plates, which have Mini series and Pro series, design for different cameras and lens.

As a company set by photographers, we understand the needs of photographers, we adhere to the idea of “Innovative thinking”. Fourteen years devotion keeps our spirit and product quality consistent.